The summer fever takes down the P'tit Caribou for the most awaiting event of the year!
The 2nd edition of the ROCK | PAPER | SCISSORS
Tournament will be held on Friday, June 1st in Mont-Tremblant!

Book now your spot for the 2nd edition of the RPS Tournament and try to beat the defending champion! In collaboration with Créations Yarox and Le P'tit Carbiou, get ready for an intense and crazy night, will you be the one to bring back the trophy? Your name forever written in the history of Tremblant!

Open to all, registration is on the way! Limited places, get yours right now!

All night long, there will be a prize draw. All participants will leave with a souvenir, courtesy of our partners!
Caps, T-shirts, Hats, Hoodies, Backpacks. There will be a little something for everyone!!!


Our Partners


  • Players never look at their hands. They can look at their opponent's face or close their eyes.
  • All rounds start with the traditional "ROCK | PAPER | SCISSORS"
  • At each word, both players pump their forearm, closed hand and choose their weapon on "SCISSORS"
  • Each competitor can offer one of the following arsenal:
    • ROCK: Closed hand
    • PAPER: Open hand
    • SCISSORS: Index & middle finger stretched
  • If a player hesitated or his hand makes an argument when showing his weapon, the official can ask for a redo.
    • The player in fault receives a warning. 2 faults and it's DQ.


*** ROCK beats SCISSORS, loses against PAPER and ties ROCK
*** PAPER beats ROCK, loses against SCISSORS and ties PAPER
*** SCISSORS beats PAPER, loses against ROCK and ties SCISSORS