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The summer fever takes down the P’tit Caribou for the most awaiting event of the year!
The Great International Tournament of the World ROCK | PAPER | SCISSORS will be held on Friday, June 2nd in Mont-Tremblant!

Open to all, registration to the Tournament includes a personalized t-shirt of the event as well as a free drink at the Bar Le P’tit Caribou. The Champion will win a champion t-shirt, a cash prize and an exclusive ROCK-PAPER-SCISSORS Trophy in collaboration with Créations Yarox. In addition, a wall plaque will be displayed at the Caribou and a bottle of alcohol will be offered to celebrate this great victory!

All night long, there will be a prize draw. All participants will leave with a souvenir, courtesy of our partners!
Caps, T-shirts, Hats, Hoodies, Backpacks. There will be a little something for everyone!!!

Our Partners



  • Players never look at their hands. They can look at their opponent’s face or close their eyes.
  • All rounds start with the traditional “ROCK | PAPER | SCISSORS
  • At each word, both players pump their forearm, closed hand and choose their weapon on “SCISSORS
  • Each competitor can offer one of the following arsenal:
    • ROCK: Closed hand
    • PAPER: Open hand
    • SCISSORS: Index & middle finger stretched
  • If a player hesitated or his hand makes an argument when showing his weapon, the official can ask for a redo.   Si un joueur hésite, que sa main soulève un litige lors de la sortie de son arme, l’officiel peut demander la reprise de la joute.
    • The player in fault receives a warning. 2 faults and it’s DQ.


*** ROCK beats SCISSORS, loses against PAPER and ties ROCK
*** PAPER beats ROCK, loses against SCISSORS and ties PAPER
*** SCISSORS beats PAPER, loses against ROCK and ties SCISSORS


Tournament Schedule

Elimination format in dual, the winner advances, the loser is out. Until we have only 2 remaining players to play in an epic final round!

  • First 2 rounds: 1 set only, best of 5 games. The first competitor to win 3 hands goes to the next round, the opponent is out.
  • Eighth final: Best of 3 sets, Best of 3 games. The player who wins 2 sets advances.
  • Quarter-Final & Semi-Final: Best of 3 sets, Best of 5 games. The player who wins 2 sets move on to the next step.
  • Great Final: Best of 5 sets, Best of 5 gamesThe player who wins 3 sets will be crowned the Great Champion!